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With the Mathease Way, we focus on four key objectives to ensure the success of every student's education!

Assessment: Our free evaluation assessment allows us to identify exactly where each student's math skills need improvement, and we fill in the gaps.


Custom Framework: We customize a lesson plan tailored to each student's needs. We have an extensive database of learning materials that directly correspond with private and public school standards and curriculum.


Build and Master: Using a combination of our learning materials and effective teaching strategies, we assist in building a solid math foundation and mastering current math skills—all according to the student's needs.

Preparation: Once weak math skills are mastered and each student can confidently duplicate the material, we then move forward in teaching ahead. We ensure that each student feels comfortable and confident in moving forward!

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OUR MATH programs

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Grades K - College

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We focus on a one-on-one tutoring approach designed to improve performance while also reducing anxiety. We offer private tutoring and online tutoring for grades K through College.

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1720 W Horizon Ridge #110

Henderson, NV 89012

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