Summer Programs

1 on 1 tutoring

Get ahead of the class and fill in the gaps with private sessions this summer!


We prepare students for their fall math classes. We make sure they have all the skills they need from former years and we make sure they're ahead of the class by teaching them the material they'll see next year. This one-on-one environment allows students to build confidence in their math skills and allows us to customize each session to their needs.




Summer School Support

Change that F to a B with our summer school companion programs!


Students who struggled during the school year have an opportunity to get a better grade this Summer! These class specific groups are companions to the online courses offered by CCSD. Students focus on mastering the material to achieve higher grades and a strong foundation for next year. 




Essential Skills

Master fractions, decimals, and percents so the basics never hold you back!


Having trouble with fractions, decimals, and percentages? Summer is the most opportune time to refresh those key concepts that students may have been taught, but never fully comprehended. Take some time to finally master those basics, rebuild confidence, and improve math grades.  




6th Grade Prep Group

Be prepared for middle school!


This class focuses on helping students transition from elementary school to middle school. Students will review and master the elementary skills essential to 6th grade math success. They will also learn important new topics that they will cover in their 6th grade classes. Students will be ready to ace their math classes and will have one less class to worry about as they start middle school. 

high school prep groups

Master the prerequisites and get ahead!


Available for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, these course specific groups will start by focusing on the foundational prerequisite skills students will need for their next math class.  After students have mastered the fundamentals, they will learn essential material from Quarter 1.  They'll be ahead and ready for a less stressful year.   

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Summer Math Stress 2019 Mid-Season FINAL
Solve School Year Stress

Summer's closing in fast. Don't get burned by the Summer Slide, which is the well observed effect of students losing many of the skills they learning during the last school year. Interested in our solution to beating the summer slide?

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