2019 Semester 1 Skills Boot Camps

Dec 22-23 and 29-30
8 hours Total
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Master the skills from semester one that are essential for success in semester two.

We prepare students for the next semester by teaching them the skills they will absolutely need from their first semester. These groups are class specific and run for two hours each of the four days we are offering Winter Camps. Boot Camps are available for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. The small group environment of these classes allows students to get the individual attention they need, while also keeping the price low. 

Make sure your student is prepared.

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Algebra 1 Topics

Day 1: Solving Equations, Simplifying Expressions, Evaluating Expressions

Day 2: Functions and Function Notation

Day 3: Graphing Linear Equations and Locating Key Features in all Three Forms

Day 4: Writing and Converting Between Forms of Linear Equations

Geometry Topics

Day 1: Tools of Geometry, Segment and Angle Addition Postulate

Day 2: Angle Relationships

Day 3: Simplifying Square Roots, Distance and Midpoint Formula, 

Day 4: The Basics of Proofs

Algebra 2 Topics

Day 1: Transformations of Functions and Their Applications

Day 2: Polynomial Operations, Exponent Rules

Day 3: Factoring Polynomials

Day 4: The Basics of Graphing Linear and Quadratic Functions

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