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Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Is your student headed to summer school this year to retrieve credit or just raise their grade? We at Mathease Tutoring have done the research and have a plan to help your student succeed.

Mathease Tutoring suggests that students sign up for online summer school from CCSD through the Nevada Learning Academy (NVLA). We have found that this program most closely resembles what is taught in the schools during the normal school year and is the most accessible program. Students who consistently work with us in these online courses historically achieve A’s or B’s.

Navigating the CCSD system can be somewhat confusing so we’ve laid out exactly what you need to do to get your student set up for success this summer.

Follow these steps:

  1. Starting April 9th and ending on June 1st, parents should set up an appointment with their student’s school guidance counselor. Once there, talk to them about signing up for the NVLA online summer school program. In order to attend summer school, your guidance counselor must register you.

  2. After the guidance counselor signs your student up with NVLA, you will receive an email confirming your registration and payment information. You can pay online through their portal Each course is $125.

  3. Next, make an appointment at Mathease with Ms. Gordon to discuss summer strategy. Every student’s needs are different and she can help you determine the right balance. This year we will be offering class specific small groups called, Summer School Support. In these groups students will focus on the material they are learning in their class so they can quickly master all the skill necessary to get the grade they want. For most summer school students we suggest that they attend two Summer School Support classes per week and have one private session as well for the duration of their online class.

  4. Online classes begin on June 4th. The course only runs for six weeks, so make sure your student logs on and works every day in addition to meeting with us regularly to complete their course work by the July 8th deadline. Their final exam will be on July 11th.

Note: Algebra 1 and Geometry courses have a required in-person final that cannot be rescheduled.

Our Policies

  1. Your student is responsible for their progress in the class. We will work with them to set up course goals and deadlines to keep them on track to finish. They need to work at home as well as with us to meet these deadlines. If they are not meeting these goals they will not be on track to finish the course. Remember the class only runs for six weeks.

  2. Students in Algebra 1 and Geometry should complete 4 practice exams to insure that they do well on their in-person final. These finals are crafted by the district and are revisions of the End of Course Exams given to student’s in previous years. By all accounts they are incredibly difficult and it is important that students prepare properly for them or they grade will suffer.

  3. All course work is to be completed by the student. We do not take tests or quizzes for the student.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. If your student is considering taking multiple classes keep in mind that each semester is considered its own separate course. If your student needs to take both semesters, they will be taken concurrently.  We recommend that students limit themselves to at most two courses, or semesters.

  2. We do not recommend students go out of town during the duration of the course. As the class is only six weeks, time is very limited. If you already have plans that will take you out of town for a significant portion of the course, seriously consider whether this summer school option is the best for your student.

  3. We do offer private Skype sessions if your student has to be out of town for a few days.

Summer is approaching fast. Don’t procrastinate. Get your student signed up and set up to succeed this summer. Call us at 702 436-6964 to answer any questions you might have and to strategize with Ms. Gordon.

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