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What is Homework helpers?

Homework Helpers is a low cost, small group tutoring program offered daily in which students receive help understanding and completing their homework. This program offers same day scheduling that allows students to get help when the unexpected happens.

What do Homework Helpers sessions look like?

One tutor will work with up to four students, helping each individually on their homework. The tutor will rotate between students allowing them to work independently on material they understand and aiding them when they reach problems they struggle with. If students finish their assigned work, the tutor will give them supplementary practice that matches their homework as closely as possible.


Who is homework Helpers for?


Homework Helpers was designed to help students who generally understand their class material and simply need clarification and/or a helping hand. This program supports students who can work well on a semi-independent basis. 

Homework Helpers is NOT well suited for students with large gaps in foundational knowledge or for those who are generally lost in class. Our 1-on-1 Sessions and Essential Skills Group are a better fit for those students. 



Sounds great! What's the price?

Homework Helpers is the lowest cost program we offer. To meet the varied needs of our students, we offer several different plans.


Students who regularly anticipate needing Homework Helpers sessions.

You receive a discount dependent on your subscription tier and have priority status for bookings. You can still call the day of and book only when your student needs it or you can plan ahead. 

Tier 4

Up to 4 Homework Helpers Session a week

Price per session: $20

Max Sessions: 16

Price for the month: $320

Tier 3

Up to 3 Homework Helpers Session a week

Price per session: $22.50 

Max Sessions: 12

Price for the month: $270

Tier 2

Up to 2 Homework Helpers Sessions a week

Price per session: $25 

Max Sessions: 8

Price for the month: $200

Tier 1

Up to 1 Homework Helpers Session a week

Price per session: $25 

Max Sessions: 4

Price for the month: $100

Drop in Sessions

Students who rarely need Homework Helpers sessions. 

No fuss, no prior planning. Call after 2 pm for same day scheduling.

$30 per session 









Looking for more individual help?

Our Custom 1-on-1 Sessions are designed to meet the needs of each individual student. We teach students so they actually understand the material, reinforce foundational concepts, and build confidence. 

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