Coronavirus faq

Is mathease open?

Yes! Mathease is currently helping students virtually. We still offer private tutoring sessions and group sessions Sunday through Thursday from 11 am to 7:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. For more information on virtual tutoring, click here.


Our physical location is not open in accordance with Governor Sisolak's announcement on March 17th.

ARE YOU accepting new or returning clients?

Of course! We are always happy to help your child. To get started with us, click on the contact us link, call 702-436-6964, or email us at We offer a free assessment and a virtual meeting with one of our teachers to develop a customized game plan for your child. For more information on getting started click here.


When will mathease reopen its physical location?


We want to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Therefore, we do not expect to physically reopen during the 2020-2021 school year. We expect to reopen after an effective vaccination has been distributed and restrictions are removed.

My CHILD and I live out of state, will i be able to continue learning with mathease when in-person sessions restart?

Of course. We have always offered virtual sessions to our students who couldn't make it in-person. We've helped students nationwide and in countries as far away as Austria and Greece. Your sessions can continue no matter where you are.

My student's school is continuing virtually, how do I share their school material with YOU?

We can do it several ways depending on the platform your student's school is using. If your are comfortable sharing the login information, our teachers can access it the same way you would. If that is not an option, you and your student can send PDFs or images to the tutor before or during your session. Teachers can upload problems to a virtual whiteboard where both student and teachers can write, take notes, and generally work on the problems collaboratively. The screen sharing option on Skype also works very well for our online learners with unique platforms.

I am concerned that my CHILD won't learn as well as they do in person. What does mathease do to preserve the in-person experience during virtual sessions?

The Mathease style is above all -- interactive. We have always discussed material with the student, leading the student through questioning, not lecturing. This allows our tutors to more effortlessly transfer to a digital space where talking at students is the biggest faux pas an educator can make. With the combination of video calling and a two sided real-time whiteboard, tutors are able to explain and engage students like they would in-person. They are also able to collaboratively work with students on problems and assign practice that they can watch students attempt allowing them to help student immediately when they err. There are really very few differences between an in-person session and a virtual one, except the occasional guest appearance of the family cat!




Looking for that 1-on-1 touch?

Our Custom 1-on-1 Sessions are designed to meet the needs of each individual student. We teach your child so they actually understand the material, reinforce foundational concepts, and build confidence. 

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