FREE Consultation

Mathease Tutoring is proud to offer a free consultation with our resident math education experts. Our consultation includes a FREE proprietary, comprehensive assessments for your student at no cost to you.  Our assessments  are used to gauge your student's math skill level and identify the areas in which they need help. We use this information to discover the origins of your students math challenges. Once identified, we can develop a road map to success for your student.  

Whether you're ready to experience the Mathease difference or just want some guidance from the experts, we encourage all parents to assess their students. Knowing where your student stands is fundamental to helping them achieve their goals.


We offer a variety of assessments to meet the different needs of students. Whether you want to know..

  • your student's grade level.

  • if your student meets common core standards.

  • if your student their fundamental math skills.

  • if your student is prepared for their fall class.

  • your student's word problem mastery.

  • how prepared your student is for the SAT or ACT.


We've got you covered!​

Book now and get started relieving math stress at home.