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School can berough. But it doesn'thave t

School has just started and you are already stressed?

Starting school after a long break can be rough. It's easy to forget a ton of the material from last year. In fact it is so common there's a name for it, the Summer Slide. This can leave students far behind the class, their grades quickly slipping. On top of that, school has only gotten more difficult as the standards have been raised, so even well prepared students can find themselves struggling.

No matter the issue...

We can help




How do we help?

We teach and reinforce the material students are working on in class. Then we make sure students master each concept before moving on, so they are ready for the next test.

We build the core and prerequisite skills that a student is missing, creating a strong math foundation.

We teach upcoming course work while building student confidence, eliminating future math stress.




When should students start?

ASAP! Don't fall behind. It is much harder to raise a poor grade than maintain a good one.







Poor Test Grades Dragging you down?

Does this sound familiar? You start the year off strong. You have a high “A”, maybe even a 100%. You're confident, excited. Then the first test rolls around and you bomb it. Your grade plummets and your left wondering what went wrong. Learn what happened and how to fix it here.

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