avoid the bench


are poor grades holding back your athlete?

  Did You Know...

Mathease Tutoring has an excellent track record of

helping failing students raise their grades and

aiding struggling students before there's an issue.



How do we help?

In our tailored private sessions, we reinforce the student's class material and ensure mastery so they're ready for the next test. We also build a strong math foundation by filling in missing core skills, so math is not longer a problem.


When should students start?

ASAP! Don't fall behind. It is much harder to raise a poor grade than maintain a good one. Start them early and we'll keep them off the bench.

Busy Schedules?

Don't sweat it! Not only are we open from 2:00-9:30 Monday through Thursday, we're open all day Sunday specifically to cater to students with demanding extracurriculars.




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