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At Mathease Tutoring, our mission is to ensure the success of each student's education by facilitating effective instruction that teaches, informs and empowers the student while building self-confidence and self-esteem.


We help pave the way to success by teaching principals in a fun and academically stimulating environment. The anxiety that arises from dealing with numbers can put one at a significant disadvantage. Therefore, it is our goal to do more than teach. We do it all—we teach to improve math skills and ensure that each student can confidently duplicate then move foward in teaching to stay ahead! 


We focus on a one-on-one tutoring approach proven to improve performance, while also reducing math anxiety. Our free evaluation assessment allows us to identify exactly where each student's math  skills need improvement, and we fill in the gaps. We assist in building a solid math foundation, mastering current math skills, and teaching to stay ahead—all according to the student's needs.

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Patricia Gordon, founder and owner, has been teaching for over 30 years and tutoring math in the Las Vegas area since 2004. As a previous substitute teacher in Clark County, she has a detailed understanding of the students' school standards and curriculum as well as the application of the Core Standards.



We focus on a one-on-one tutoring approach designed to improve performance while also reducing anxiety. We offer private tutoring and online tutoring for grades K through College.

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