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From elementary to college-level math, Mathease Tutoring teaches and supports students of all ages to master math skills. 


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Which Helps Your Child Succeed

From elementary to college-level math, Mathease Tutoring teaches and supports students of all ages to master math skills. 

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If your child struggles with math, you're not alone.


Today's learning environments can make it difficult for students to stay on track and truly understand the material. 


It's hard to catch up once a student falls behind. They feel lost, and it might lower their self-esteem and confidence. They don't know how to keep up with assignments and tests, as they no longer understand how to do the math in front of them.

As a parent, it's frustrating to watch your child struggle.

Your child can learn (and love) math

At Mathease Tutoring, we believe every student is capable of excelling in math. There are no poor learners. Instead, we see students with unmet needs and unique learning styles.

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We can help your student
Mathease Tutoring Goes Beyond Typical Teaching and Tutoring

Your child deserves to be taught, not just shown how to do math.


At Mathease Tutoring, we don’t simply help with homework. We teach math. Our proven teaching methods and highly-trained tutors go beyond the basics to ensure your child understands their current curriculum and that they can apply it.


We can help if your child is behind, if they feel lost in class, and if you want to help them reach their highest potential.


1-on-1 tutoring

Your child works through their personalized learning plan in customized tutoring sessions free of distractions or pressure.

specialized classes

Weekly group workshops supplement 1-on-1 tutoring and allow your child to catch up and learn core math skills.

Summer Programs

Don’t let skills lapse over the summer. Instead, let’s build upon them through 1-on-1 tutoring, summer school assistance, or preparatory groups for sixth grade or  high school.



Schedule a Free Consultation

In this 1-hour appointment, your child completes a no-stress comprehensive math assessment so we can identify what they know and what they need to learn.


Receive Your Child’s Personalized Learning Plan

Next, we create your child’s customized game plan for success. We tailor teaching styles and curriculum to your child. No cookie-cutter approach here!


Watch Your Child Succeed in Math

Your child will quickly begin to learn, understand, and master math with support and dedicated attention from our tutors. Soon, math will be their favorite subject.


Diane, Parent 

I am SOOO incredibly thankful for Mathease!! My son has a learning disability ... he fell extremely behind in math. He was angry, frustrated, hated math, and didn't like his teacher. I knew this was all due to the fact that he wasn't grasping the concepts... After ONLY 3 MONTHS Noah is excited about math, understands his homework, wants to attend tutoring more, and has confidence!!! ... I couldn't be happier right now! 

Parents and Students Agree–
Mathease Tutoring is the Secret to Math Success

Support for Elementary to College-Level Math

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ACT / SAT test prep
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